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AGROVOC Web Services allow access to Agrovoc contents through SOAP Web Services technology.

The current implementation of Agrovoc Web Services is fed by data from the RDF version of Agrovoc (currently, the master version being edited through VocBench)


The WSDL file for the Web Services is located here:

A list of the currently implemented Agrovoc Web Services is provided here, together with their description.


The software project for the Agrovoc Web Services is hosted on bitbucket.


A discussion group is available for asking specific questions about the Agrovoc Web Services.


Agrovoc can also be accessed through SPARQL. Check the Agrovoc Release page for getting to the SPARQL endpoint


Note: the Agrovoc Web Services are fed by the LOD version of Agrovoc (see Releases), which includes also triples related to the ontology vocabulary Agrontology, to the mappings, to trivially inferred triples produced automatically etc...



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    1. Hi Adam,

      not here. The Agrovoc page is much better for this. This page is only about Web Services. I added however a link to the Agrovoc release page at the end of this page, and mentioned the SPARQL endpoint there.